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Intake Interviews
$40.00 per parent

A separate interview with each parent to assess the nature and degree of risk for your case.

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Supervised Visitation Monitoring

Contact between a non-custodial parent and their children) in the presence of a neutral third person responsible for observing and seeking to ensure the safety of those involved.

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Supervised Monitored Exchanges

Transfer of the child from one parent to another so the parents do not make direct contact with each other.

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Telephone and Chat Monitoring

Remote visitation via telephone or videoconference.

Court Appearance (Subpoenaed)

Appearance in court by subpoena only.

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Summary and Detail Reports for Attorneys, Parents or Court

Summary and Detail Reports for Attorneys, Parents or Court

Important Details

Fees are payable IN ADVANCE. No services will be performed unless fees are paid in full prior to services being provided. Fees are hourly. Fees for all supervised visitation services have a two hour (2 hr) minimum. Fees for services do not include extended travel (some travel fees may apply). Services are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Holiday visitations have premium per hour rates. Fees are subject to change. Advance notice of fee change is given.

NOTE: Cancellations require 24 hour notice. For visits canceled without notice the canceling parent is responsible for the scheduled hours of the cancelled visit. Payment must be made prior to the start of the next scheduled visit.


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Your Supervised Visitation Provider

Along with training as a Supervised Visitation Provider as required by the California Rules of court. My experience includes:

Call me 310.919.5525 or email for a consultation to discuss arranging visits with your child.

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